Dominic Mitchell dom at happygiraffe.net
Fri Nov 10 08:33:12 GMT 2000

On Thu, Nov 09, 2000 at 04:43:17PM -0000, David Richards wrote:
> how would i allow a user write to pub in the ftp directory

Generally, you would do:

# chmod a+w /var/ftp/pub

But it's inadvisable to do this because it makes your server a target
for warez uploaders.  What you can do is make the directory unlistable

# chmod a-r /var/ftp/pub

But this still means that people can upload and download files from
there, providing the know the names of the files.  Not only that, but if
they create a subdirectory of that directory, they'll be able to see
anything in there normally...

If none of this matters to you, then fine.  Otherwise, I'd suggest you
look at the ProFTPd port in /usr/ports/ftp/proftpd.  It's a lot more
configurable, and you get much more control over permissions and such
like, but it is more complicated to configure.  If you do go down this
route, don't forget to consult the examples and documentation on


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