x-server Help!!!!!

bob.banthorpe at talk21.com bob.banthorpe at talk21.com
Thu Nov 9 10:42:42 GMT 2000

Having just received some new low profile PC's "maxthroughput K1000's" with freebsd (ver 3.2) pre-install I am un able to run the Xserver using the on board graphics "intel82810e dc-133 graphics" if that means anything to anybody.
I have no AGP slot only two PCI slots. I have always used ATI all in wonder graphic cards before, with no problems the only difference before was that they were AGP cards, I have used the PCI version this time and as you can guess they don't work. 
They are ATI all in wonder 128 16Mb PCI cards. 
what do i have to do to get them to work with the X server


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