Continuing SCSI issue.

Jeremy Prior jez at
Tue Nov 7 02:04:30 GMT 2000

On Tue, Nov 07, 2000 at 01:43:37AM +0000, Guy Harper wrote:
# Hello all...
# I'm still suffering some strange scsi bus issues... I continually get
# messages such as:
# ahc1: Data parity error detected during address or write data phase
# This is not necessarily crashing the system (previously my machine would
# hang during sustained disk activity - and still does) but I am getting
# messages such as this regularly.
# I have switched from the onboard AHA7880 to an AHA2940 to see if it was
# the adaptor, but am increasingly convinced the PCI bus is at fault as I
# still get similar errors. I have previously tried disabling Tagged
# Queueing on all the drives, but to no avail...
# Time for a new system? - inexpensive suggestions welcome :)

We've suffered our fair share of SCSI problems, and can pass on some
advice - Check your cabling and termination!  In my experience, most SCSI
errors are caused by bad cables (too long, poor connectors, etc) or
broken/missing/duplicate termination.  Besides, cables and terminators
are cheap compared to adapters and drives! :-)

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