Thoughts on PlusNet?

Brian Somers brian at
Wed May 31 22:05:55 BST 2000

> Seeing that as of today there are just two choices of Surftime Anytime ISPs,
> has anyone got any thoughts on PlusNet? (I'm discounting the BT offering :-)
> 10ukp per month plust Surftime doesn't look too bad and you get a static IP
> which is good.  Only bummer is there are mentions of Force9 on their webpages
> and I seem to remember some disparaging comments about them in the past.
> All comments gratefully received.

I had two gripes with Force9, but they were fine otherwise.  The 
first gripe was that their news service was a joke.  I think that was 
a pretty well known fact at the time (just over a year ago).  The 
second gripe was that they happily dropped test equipment on the live 
paid-for network and denied it afterwards.

Strangely enough, my reasons for leaving Demon and later Force 9 were 
due to ``technicians'' blatantly lying to me.  <rant>I can't stand it 
when people with egos larger than they can handle are allowed to talk 
to the customer.  If they're good, stick them in a dark room in front 
of a computer and feed them with coffee, but don't let them talk to 
the user :*]</rant>

> Neil.

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