Thoughts on PlusNet?

Aleksandar Simic alex at
Wed May 31 14:44:33 BST 2000

On Wed, May 31, 2000 at 01:12:51PM +0100, Neil Ford wrote: 

> Seeing that as of today there are just two choices of Surftime Anytime ISPs,
> has anyone got any thoughts on PlusNet? (I'm discounting the BT offering :-)
> 10ukp per month plust Surftime doesn't look too bad and you get a static IP
> which is good.  Only bummer is there are mentions of Force9 on their webpages
> and I seem to remember some disparaging comments about them in the past.


I used to use Force9 before, the problem I used to have with them is
that sometimes you just couldn't connect since there were constant
problems with their local BT exchange. But only for the people from
the southern part of the country, as I was later informed by their
staff. But that was over a year ago, I guess things could be different

As far as the static IP goes, I think that you get it for free from
them, provided that you ask for it.


P.S. Their System Administrator runs Linux, well at least he used it
to post usenet messages from Tin running on Linux. (Is that what you
ment when you said "disparaging comments" ?)

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