Fwd: X server (Win98) <-> X clients on FreeBSD?

Lachlan Cranswick l.m.d.cranswick at dl.ac.uk
Mon May 29 01:04:05 BST 2000

>I need help/directions on setting up X-server in Win98 (X-WinPro v5.3 from 
>http://www.labf.com looks like most decent candidate) to be able to access 
>X-programs running on FreeBSD

See if the following helps.

Secure MS-Windows based X-Sessions via Secure Shell Tunnelling
(teraterm for Windows and MI/XServer v 5.6 for Windows as an example)


If you download the older mirrored X-server version it does not seem to have a
try before you buy timeout that I have encountered yet:



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