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Robin Melville robmel at
Sun May 28 12:50:24 BST 2000

At 3:48 pm +0100 27/5/00, Fraser Heath wrote:
>Hi there,
>         I just have couple of questions if someone is able to help out
>please.  I am currently about to set up a server on a co-location basis, and
>they charge me per 2Gbs of useage of their network, now, what im wanting to
>do is serve web pages for some clients from this server, and, monitor their
>own useage, thus, the network im connected to charge me for total useage
>originateing from my server,  but I want to be able to break that down into
>each account from my server thus letting me see how much each account is
>useing the network.  Are there some facilities on FreeBSD that enable me to
>do this?

If all you are doing is serving web pages you can recharge your clients using
the httpd access log I should have thought. All the web servers I'm 
aware of will
happily log bytes downloaded for each access against the requestor's 
IP address.

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