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Brian Somers brian at
Sat May 27 16:36:05 BST 2000

> Can anyone shed any light on this for me please. Any posts I send to
> the FreeBSD mailing lists take over 8 hours to appear in the lists,
> however, if I Cc: someone then the same mail gets to them immediately.
> Yet I've just replied to a post here on -users and that appeared on
> the list within minutes.
> It seems that my ISP (BTInternet - don't laugh) has rouble sending to
> Here's a typical header from one of my posts, taken from
> -ports:

BT Internet's mail servers are overused (as is their network).  
They're 12 hops away from pavilion and at (frequent) times drop about 
30% traffic.  I often see mail to btinternet queued on for quite some time (several hours).

I think you get what you pay for :-(
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