Little Info Needed Please

Fraser Heath Fraser.Heath at
Sat May 27 15:48:28 BST 2000

Hi there,
        I just have couple of questions if someone is able to help out
please.  I am currently about to set up a server on a co-location basis, and
they charge me per 2Gbs of useage of their network, now, what im wanting to
do is serve web pages for some clients from this server, and, monitor their
own useage, thus, the network im connected to charge me for total useage
originateing from my server,  but I want to be able to break that down into
each account from my server thus letting me see how much each account is
useing the network.  Are there some facilities on FreeBSD that enable me to
do this?

Lastly, they are specifying I have to use a 19" 4U rack, im totaly new to
these but just one main Q, are there specific motherboards to go with rack
chassis or do they support any motherboards?


Fraser Heath.

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