ST Helens LEA (fwd) - marketting BSD over Linux to Students

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Fri May 26 17:28:17 BST 2000

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Subject:        	Re: ST Helens LEA (fwd) - marketting BSD over Linux to Students

> Hi Kevin, Lee
> You might like to take a look at a FreeBSD solution designed entirely
> for and in conjunction with Schools called NINAA. There is a full
> working demonstration of an early release on I
> used to work for Pavilion Internet as the Education Manager and found in
> many schools a need for a simple yet reliable low cost server solution.
> The systems department loaded FreeBSD and apache and cyrus IMAP mail
> server together with a simple web based front end for administration. We
> then installed it in a few schools and listened to their feedback. The
> NINAA project has been running and growing for about two years now. It
> has an install base approaching 100 schools.
> I am sure that a Pavilion representative would be happy to visit the St.
> Helens LEA.
> Try contacting Glen Brackenbury on 0845 333 5000 or glen at
> Best regards
> John
ICL manage this service at the moment "and the following 
comment is a personal opinion and in no way reflects the views of 
ST Helens LEA" do a bloody awful job of it I have already given the 
web address of NINAA to people within the LEA and they are 
looking at it but that does not raise the profile of FreeBSD which is 
what I'm trying to do and a third party giving there opinions and 
experiences of it is worth more than me banging on week in week 


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