Unix & Linux *only* ISP

Aleksandar Simic alex at frustum.clara.co.uk
Fri May 26 11:58:03 BST 2000


check these guys out: http://www.rebel-net.co.uk  

They provide services for Unix & Linux users *only*. And below is the
reply I received from them after asking them about their ADSL

Hope you find it interesting,


P.S. they run on FreeBSD :)

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From: "The-Visitor [ Sales ]" <the-visitor at tranquility.rebel-net.co.uk>
Subject: Re: ADSL
To: Aleksandar Simic <alex at frustum.clara.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 11:06:29 +0100 (BST)
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Dear Alex,

RE: ADSL Support

As you can see we are a new company with a very clear
idea of where were going and what we are trying to
acheive for the Linux and UNIX community.

As such ADSL is very much part of our future long term
plans, at this time however due to BT's total inefficent
view of enabling ADSL support for other people apart from
themselves (BTInternet) the cost are far and above the
ability and cost effectiveness of smaller organisations
such as ourselves.

This however will change, as you can see on the website
it is of paramount importance to us that we reach a happy
state where online connectivity for our customers reaches
100% (online all the time).

We can however at the moment offer you our home account,
which supports modem and ISDN connections.

Of course there are other accounts available, or we can
customise an account for you depending on your needs.

Do remember however, that we have set up rebel net so that
we can combat issues such as ADSL, connection fees etc. and
that requires people such as yourself to help us by joining 
in with the rebellion :)

Please contact us on 01342-317241 if you have any other

Warmest Regards,

sales at rebel-net.co.uk

> Hi,
> I have just found your page and it sounds very promising. But I have
> some questions: I run FreeBSD and was wondering when will you be
> offering ADSL services and support for FreeBSD users ? What would be
> the price range of the services ?
> Thank you for your time,
> -Alex

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