Final Year Project

Roger Hardiman roger at
Thu May 25 08:01:04 BST 2000


For VoIP, take a look at

H323 is the videoconferencing standard, used by most
people, including NetMeetin on Windows.

I currently maintail the FreeBSD (and NetBSD and OpenBSD)
port of the OpenH323 project.
WE have 2 way video conferencing.
We also have 2 way audio conferencing but freebsd seems to
be recording sounds at the wrong sample rate.

Anyway, at this time there is not much in the way of a
user interface for the OpenH323 project code.
Although someone (Derek) started to work on one using
the Glade GUI library recently.

Take a look at the site anyway and see what you think.
As this project runs on Windows and Linux too, you
can add to your C.V. cross platform C and C++ development
for Windows, FreeBSD and Linux.  Sounds nice.


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