LUUG and other get-togethers

Brian Somers brian at
Wed May 24 15:49:14 BST 2000

> Apologies for not reply to the existing thread but I don't have access to
> my mail archive from here.
> Well it looks like I'm going to be at the Internet World Show on
> Thursday, so I could be persuaded to at least meet for a pint.  The
> last train back to my neck of the woods isn't too late so staying for a
> meal may not be an option.  Anyone still interested?
> As for Brian's suggestion of a curry, sounds like a good idea :-) SUSE
> have invited me to attend their conference session on the 1st at Linux 
> 2000, so that would seem to be the best day to go.  Must remember to pack
> my Userfriendly books.
> Two gatherings in two weeks.... is that a record?

Heh, maybe.  I'll see if my wife will allow me out this Thursday....

> Neil.
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