LUUG and other get-togethers

Neil Ford neil at
Wed May 24 15:41:31 BST 2000

Apologies for not reply to the existing thread but I don't have access to
my mail archive from here.

Well it looks like I'm going to be at the Internet World Show on
Thursday, so I could be persuaded to at least meet for a pint.  The
last train back to my neck of the woods isn't too late so staying for a
meal may not be an option.  Anyone still interested?

As for Brian's suggestion of a curry, sounds like a good idea :-) SUSE
have invited me to attend their conference session on the 1st at Linux 
2000, so that would seem to be the best day to go.  Must remember to pack
my Userfriendly books.

Two gatherings in two weeks.... is that a record?

neil at / neil at

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