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Mon May 22 16:56:58 BST 2000

I can't do anything during working hours, but I can turn up for
after 6pm if that's any help, which it almost certainly isn't. :)

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> On Thu, Apr 20, 2000 at 12:40:10PM +0100, Mark Blackman wrote:
> > I think there was a discussion of a (BSD) stand at LinuxExpo 2000
> > ( ) in London. Anybody
> > know what the BSD presence is going to be like there?
> At the moment, there isn't going to be one -- they only managed to get
> information out to me (unless anyone else was chasing this up) today.  
> I've spoken to people at BSDI, and 2 weeks isn't enough time to put 
> things together.  Also, now the only space available is quite small, 
> there isn't room for much of a stand.
> However, I was talking to the organisers, and apparently they're going
> to be putting together a little presentation theatre (35-40 people),
> available in 4 x 30 minute slots (1 in the morning of the 2 days, 1 in
> the afternoon).  I've suggested to BSDI that if they've got a pre-prepared
> "What is FreeBSD?  Why you should look at it if you're thinking about Linux"
> presentation then I'm happy to go along and do the deed -- unless there's
> someone here with good presentation skills who'd rather do it.
> That's gone back to BSDI who are kicking it around at the moment.  That'd
> cost them GBP 2,500 for the two days.  If they'll fund it I might even
> be able to find the time to put a 30 minute presentation together.  If I
> do, I'll be back here asking for ideas :-)
> Either way, I plan on being there for at least one day.
> I'm looking at the plans now, and there are some suprising no-shows.  VA
> Linux, for example.  Most of the distributions are going to be there in
> one form or another.  Big companies I see being there are RedHat, IBM,
> Intel, SGI, Corel, Perforce (source code management system), SuSe, and
> Veritas.
> I also note that the UKUUG will be having a stand, so I'll go along, wave
> the flag, and start talking about what would be involved in closer ties 
> with this group and them.
> Having spoken to the organisers once, I'm also going to see them at so
> point over the two days to kick around the idea of a BSD show.  If you
> were at BSDCon last year you might remember some of us talked about having
> two shows a year, one in the US, and one, six months later, in Europe.  I've
> got no idea what's involved in doing this sort of thing, so I'm to off to
> go and pick their brains for ideas.
> Should anyone else want to help with this, please say so.  I'm more than
> happy to share the workload.
> And if anyone's going to be there on either of the days, and fancies 
> meeting for lunch (or a pint afterwards), let me know, and I'll pass on
> contact details so we can to get together.
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