FTPD Query

Steve Greenshaw steve at softgreen.co.uk
Mon May 22 16:30:01 BST 2000


I'm just running the FTP deamon that comes with FreeBSD (on this
particular box, 2.2.5) and expected to be able to do the following:

Restrict a user to his / her home directory, but allow them to 'see'
what was in there.

Reading the man pages I created a 'ftpchroot' file in '/etc' with the
users' name in it and sure enough, it restricts them to their home
directory. However, using WS_FTP Lite I see that the user cannot view
any files within their homedir. I want them to be able to move to their
'public_html' and be able to see the files there to allow them to upload
/ download / delete. Even better - I'd like to restrict them to their
'public_html' folder but allow them full permission within that folder.
I'm sure it can be done ... my ISP does it to me! Any clues re. the
probably obvious error I am making would be excellent.



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