LinuxExpo 2000

Nik Clayton nik at
Fri May 19 10:07:14 BST 2000

On Thu, Apr 20, 2000 at 12:40:10PM +0100, Mark Blackman wrote:
> I think there was a discussion of a (BSD) stand at LinuxExpo 2000
> ( ) in London. Anybody
> know what the BSD presence is going to be like there?

At the moment, there isn't going to be one -- they only managed to get
information out to me (unless anyone else was chasing this up) today.  
I've spoken to people at BSDI, and 2 weeks isn't enough time to put 
things together.  Also, now the only space available is quite small, 
there isn't room for much of a stand.

However, I was talking to the organisers, and apparently they're going
to be putting together a little presentation theatre (35-40 people),
available in 4 x 30 minute slots (1 in the morning of the 2 days, 1 in
the afternoon).  I've suggested to BSDI that if they've got a pre-prepared
"What is FreeBSD?  Why you should look at it if you're thinking about Linux"
presentation then I'm happy to go along and do the deed -- unless there's
someone here with good presentation skills who'd rather do it.

That's gone back to BSDI who are kicking it around at the moment.  That'd
cost them GBP 2,500 for the two days.  If they'll fund it I might even
be able to find the time to put a 30 minute presentation together.  If I
do, I'll be back here asking for ideas :-)

Either way, I plan on being there for at least one day.

I'm looking at the plans now, and there are some suprising no-shows.  VA
Linux, for example.  Most of the distributions are going to be there in
one form or another.  Big companies I see being there are RedHat, IBM,
Intel, SGI, Corel, Perforce (source code management system), SuSe, and

I also note that the UKUUG will be having a stand, so I'll go along, wave
the flag, and start talking about what would be involved in closer ties 
with this group and them.

Having spoken to the organisers once, I'm also going to see them at so
point over the two days to kick around the idea of a BSD show.  If you
were at BSDCon last year you might remember some of us talked about having
two shows a year, one in the US, and one, six months later, in Europe.  I've
got no idea what's involved in doing this sort of thing, so I'm to off to
go and pick their brains for ideas.

Should anyone else want to help with this, please say so.  I'm more than
happy to share the workload.

And if anyone's going to be there on either of the days, and fancies 
meeting for lunch (or a pint afterwards), let me know, and I'll pass on
contact details so we can to get together.

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