Strange printing problem.

Philip Wainwright philip at
Sat May 13 11:17:33 BST 2000

=46irst off, thank you Paul  (Paul Civati), for the advise on
the signal 11 problem, it tuned out to be a loose memory
chip !!

Now onto an even more weird problem.

I am running FreeBSD as a print server (amongst other
thing), using SAMBA to service Win98 machines.

The system cannot cope with large print files, it fails to
complete the printout, effectively running out of data
prematurely (half printed high definition graphics, partial
printout of a large set of pages etc..).

I have eliminated SAMBA and have traced it down to the LPT
driver, and lpr spooler.

This was don by transferring a large raw format print file,
to the box, and manually submitting it to lpr.

When I attempted to submit the file, which was >10 Mb in
size, lpr complained with the message :
"copy file is too large"

So I sent the file directly to the driver=20
(cat test.prn>/dev/lpt0), which it accepted but the file
only printed out up to the same position as it did with lpr.


It carried on printing (unlike lpr which stopped), and
printed garbage (looked like remanents of the remains of the

No errors were generated, and nothing was logged.

=46or file <10 Mb they print out ok, any ideas ?
(also I have put a mx=3D0 entry in the printcap to set maxfile
size to infinity.).


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