Using FreeBSD and mobile phones (specifically Mot L7089)

Neil Ford neil at
Sat May 13 07:45:38 BST 2000

On Fri, May 12, 2000 at 01:58:20AM +0100, Paul Richards wrote:
> Paul Civati wrote:
> This is all rather timely, I'm looking to get a new phone before I head
> off the the US next week in preparation for the Perl cruise. It needs to
> be triple band to work over there as well so the 7110 isn't going to
> work (which is a pity since I won't be able to play snakes like the rest
> of you). Anyone got any experiences with the Motorola phones, they've
> got a triple band, WAP and IR capable phone that looks like it might do
> what I want. The laptop connectivity is more important to me than WAP
> is, if there are alternative suggestions.
> Paul.

Well I have a Motorola L7089 but I'll admit to not using it much as I also
have a 7110e (one's private, one's the company's :-)

The L7089 is a nice phone, it's relatively light and has some nice features
(built in headset socket, built in vibrate).  However if you're a long time
Nokia user you may find the menus frustrating (my wife did, she's back using
her 702 and awaitong the day she can upgrade to a 8210).

The IR works okay with handhelds (Psion and Palm), Windows laptops and Apple
Powerbooks.  It has quite a small IR window so some devices can be touchy
about seeing it, that just means keeping it close to the equipment. There is
a data cable available (supposedly), it's just a little hard to track down.

If you want triple band however the Motorola is it.  There is a tri-band
Bosch but it's awful (we have half a dozen at work, they keep falling apart)
and the Ericsson I saw didn't look to hot (old fashioned design).

If you're anywhere near West Sussex you are more than welcome to borrow
my L7089 for your trip before you lay out the redies.  I don't completely
regret getting it (having a tri-band phone available is useful) but if I had
had a chance to play with one properly I might not have bought it.


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