Using FreeBSD and mobile phones (specifically Mot L7089)

Roger McCalman roger at
Fri May 12 13:32:27 BST 2000

I was going to upgrade/change my Orange phone but when I asked
the shop recomended hiring a phone in Canada and using the sim from mine
as my contract could not be changed.

Cheers, Roger

On Fri, May 12, 2000 at 01:58:20AM +0100, Paul Richards wrote:
> ...

> This is all rather timely, I'm looking to get a new phone before I head
> off the the US next week in preparation for the Perl cruise. It needs to
> be triple band to work over there as well so the 7110 isn't going to
> work (which is a pity since I won't be able to play snakes like the rest
> of you). Anyone got any experiences with the Motorola phones, they've
> got a triple band, WAP and IR capable phone that looks like it might do
> what I want. The laptop connectivity is more important to me than WAP
> is, if there are alternative suggestions.
> Paul.
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