Using FreeBSD and mobile phones (specifically Mot L7089)

Paul Richards paul at
Fri May 12 01:58:20 BST 2000

Paul Civati wrote:
> Roger Hardiman <roger at> wrote:
> > For those who do not know what gnokii is, I'll explain.
> >
> > Newer Nokia phones can connect to the serial port on your
> > PC or laptop. A bit like an external modem.
> > However, the protocol for the data sent over this serial line
> > has been kept secret.
> >
> > So, we do not know how to talk to the phone.
> > It certainly is not AT codes.
> >
> > The gnokii project managed to work out Nokia's protocol.
> > and write a front end which has a full AT command set
> > to Nokia protocol converter.
> To be clearer still, newer phones both Nokia and Ericsson have modems
> built in to them.  This means they can do direct dialup through IR or
> serial cable.
> Older phones (eg. my Orange nk702 aka 6110) have an IR port but no
> built in modem.  But, they do support use of a "soft" modem aka
> a winmodem over IR or serial.  This is what the Nokia DataSuite is.

This is all rather timely, I'm looking to get a new phone before I head
off the the US next week in preparation for the Perl cruise. It needs to
be triple band to work over there as well so the 7110 isn't going to
work (which is a pity since I won't be able to play snakes like the rest
of you). Anyone got any experiences with the Motorola phones, they've
got a triple band, WAP and IR capable phone that looks like it might do
what I want. The laptop connectivity is more important to me than WAP
is, if there are alternative suggestions.


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