Using FreeBSD and mobile phones (specifically Mot L7089)

Roger Hardiman roger at
Thu May 11 10:14:54 BST 2000

Hi Dave,

> I know that some members of this group are doing
> funky things with Orange mobiles and FreeBSD

actually the funky things we are going with the
mobile phones is just standard FreeBSD code.

(Dave is refering to the Telepresence Research Group
at Strathclyde University, Glasgow)

We stream video over mobile phones. Our video compression
algorithms are our own code, but using the mobile phones
is just standard FreeBSD stuff.

mgetty, ppp, pcmcia support

Any changes I needed to make to FreeBSD to support
our Nokia mobile phones have all been committed
to FreeBSD 3.x and above.

> I don't have infra-red port on my desktop.
I can get you one for 30 pounds Inc VAT assuming
you have the IR Pins on the motherboard.

It costs 30 pounds.


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