Installation problem

Brian Somers brian at
Mon May 8 18:35:23 BST 2000

> 	Unfortunately free BSD doesn't seem to like our hardware - it won't
> install - loads OK from the CDROM but then can't find the CDROM after the
> tedious hardware configuration program has had its way. I tried all sorts of
> hardware configurations with the same result.

I installed FreeBSD on a friends machine a week or so ago.  It had a 
nasty Intel disk manager that re-assigned the CDROM as the A drive.  
FreeBSD would boot, but couldn't identify the distribution media (the 
CDROM drive) because it wasn't there any more.

I eventually got 'round it by booting from the CDROM, installing the 
boot blocks onto the hard drive, rebooting using the boot blocks on 
the hard drive to boot off the CD (I *think* using fd(0,a)) and 
continuing as normal from there....

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