ADSL in UK finally !

Simon Clayton Simon at
Sat May 6 09:06:29 BST 2000

I have a business customer in London on ADSL who definitely uses NAT -
remember at £50 per month BT won't give you the functionallity of a
512Kbps leased line or no-one would buy leased lines anymore.


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> "alex at" <alex at> wrote:
> > > And the fact that you can't run "servers" i.e. any open TCP
> > > So apart from not having a local Apache, no ftp, no smtp, no
> > > no ssh, ...
> And this is simply because (in the consumer version at least) BT's
> implementation uses NAT.  I don't know if any of the business
> solutions differ.

That'll be popular with the gamers :-/

> -Paul-

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