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Brian Somers brian at Awfulhak.org
Fri May 5 00:36:05 BST 2000


I don't know if any of you UK people out there are interested, but it 
looks like the crowd that develop VMWare are up for a meeting in the 
near future (see the attached) !

I'm certainly interested in this technology (hey!  I've bought the 
license !) from a development point of view, so I would think this 
sort of thing appeals to a few more of us.

Anyone interested ?

> Dear VMware user,
> On behalf of VMware Inc I am pleased to invite you to the Linux at Work
> conference at the Wembley Conference Center
> in London on May 17, where you will have an opportunity to meet the VMware
> European team, and see the recent Version 2.0 release of VMware for Linux in
> action. Attendance is free, although places are limited.
> Linux at Work is a valuable opportunity to learn about the latest developments
> in Linux in Europe, and how you can make use of Linux to provide efficient
> and cost effective business solutions. Leading members of the Linux software
> community including SuSE, Oracle and Linuxcare will be presenting, and there
> will be a chance to discuss the business applications of Linux with your
> peers, and to share your own views and experiences.
> If you don't know us already, visit us at www.vmware.com to learn more about
> VMware Inc and our products, or call me in the UK on +44 1491 411022 if you
> want to talk about how you can make use of VMware.
> You can review the agenda and register for Linux at Work at
> http://www.ltt.de/linux/lon_00.html. I look forward to seeing you there!
> John M Edwards
> European Marketing Director
> VMware Inc

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