What to do?

Ian Hunter ihunter at hotmail.com
Tue May 2 13:01:38 BST 2000

Hi Folks,

I'm having lots of bother with v3.1.

Basically, since I installed it, it has had infrequent panics and reboots, 
sometimes requireing manual fsck. I put up with this because it was so 
infrequent that I could do stuff.

Anyhow over the weekend, it didn't return and I was forced to re-install - 
so its time for action! However, I'm not well versed in the ways of FBSD and 
would like some advice.


1. I've installed the WC 3.1 from CDROM. Is there any reason why I should 
upgrade, and if so what to?

2. My machine has 32M - is this adequate? (In my day..... ;-)

3. The majority of these crashes leave me unable to determine what has 
happened - it reboots and smiles at me :-). Is there somewhere I can look 
after the event?

4. Any other useful advice - please?

Many Thanks
Ian Hunter

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