ntlworld email problems

Scott Mitchell s.mitchell at computer.org
Tue May 2 11:01:55 BST 2000

Is anyone else using ntlworld as their ISP?  Their SMTP relay can't seem to 
get mail through to freebsd-*@freebsd.org (ie. the mailing lists).
Probably the FreeBSD hub is rejecting them for some reason -- Jonathan
Bresler is looking into this -- but as I haven't got any errors back (yet)
it's kind of hard to tell why.

Mail to every other destination I've tried so far works through the relay.
I can get mail through to the lists if I don't use the relay, but that's
likely to cause other problems given that I'm on a dynamic dialup IP.

Any clues?  This was sent through the ntl relay, so if anyone can look at
the headers and tell me why hub.freebsd.org would have dropped it, be my


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