Brian Somers brian at
Fri Mar 31 09:38:36 BST 2000

> How do,
> Anyone happen to know when and where for the LUUG meeting tonight?  I've
> just had a bounce back from Andrew Findlay <andrew at> as he's
> away until the 2nd.

Damn !  Sorry I didn't reply, I've been behind on mail lately.  It 
*was* in the Rising Sun on TCR.  There were only 4 people there 
including myself, and we couldn't find any LUUG people.  I wandered 
up & down the pub a few times sporting a FreeBSDCon shirt, but nobody 
came out of the woodwork.

  Ian Greely
  Mark Blackman
  George Cox

Ah well, lets hope we have better luck on the 29th.  Has anybody got 
any suggestions about exactly where we're going ?  Newcastle ?  Aim 
for getting there at about 18:00 ?

> Cheers,
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