Date on date

Nik Clayton nik at
Wed Mar 29 22:58:37 BST 2000

On Tue, Mar 28, 2000 at 06:46:51PM +0100, Brian Somers wrote:
> I suspect the 29th is the best candidate so far.  Hands up for the 
> 29th ?

Should be feasible.  I've got nothing else planned for that weekend yet.

Internet connection, $19.95 a month.  Computer, $799.95.  Modem, $149.95.
Telephone line, $24.95 a month.  Software, free.  USENET transmission,
hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Thinking before posting, priceless.
Somethings in life you can't buy.  For everything else, there's MasterCard.
  -- Graham Reed, in the Scary Devil Monastery

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