pccardd config troubles

Scott Mitchell s.mitchell at computer.org
Mon Mar 27 22:01:14 BST 2000

On Mon, Mar 27, 2000 at 08:15:43PM +0100, Christophe.Coindy at esoft-global.com wrote:
> if i try  to insert a xircom 10/100 +modem, it will have the following
> message:
> [pccard45]: no card in database for "" ("")

Quick question -- is that a PCMCIA or CardBus Xircom card?  Neither will
actually run on 4.0 right now, but a driver does exist for the PCMCIA
models (it's just awaiting a patch to the base pccard code that will enable
it to work again...)

The message you're getting often means you've inserted an unsupported
CardBus device; if that's the case you're unfortunately SOL.

It may not actually say 'CardBus' anywhere on the card...just let me know
the model number if there's no obvious identification on the card.



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