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What about Redbus? They look quite cheep and good. Based in docklands. A
LINX satelite site.


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> > > >I'm going to be responsible for a Web server co-located in the UK,
> > > >and naturally I want to run FreeBSD.
> > > >
> > > >I'd appreciate any feedback regarding server hardware or hosting
> > > >companies.
> > >
> > > Check EasyNet - server co-location 1Mbps at cost of 128Kbps (this is
> > > what EasyNet sales guy told me)
> >
> >Not that we'd compete with our sister company - but don't go to them
> >getting a quote from us first ;)
> Noted .. will dig deeper :-)

I'll personally vouch for the expertise at Pavilion.  They've got a
room full of people that'll scramble over each-other to fix a problem,
and they're all FreeBSD nerds !

I'll also vouch for their availability. has had
about 10 hours downtime since May '99 (when it was first brought up),
and all of that was my doing except when Pavilion relocated, where
the machine was down for the time it took to shift it up the street a
bit (less than an hour).  I've had zero complaints from people about
* or{Net,Open} being
inaccessible and any mail delivery problems were (again) entirely my
own doing.

I've experienced no connectivity problems that were attributable to
Pavilion (although, from memory, their telco or upstream provider has
had problems on about 3 occasions lasting a few hours each.

I'd also recommend Paul Richards <paul at> (an ex
core team member) who supplied the excellent quality hardware at
an excellent price.  He even installed FreeBSD with vinum to run the
drives in :-)

A dream come true really.

> >Joe
> >(drop a line to alex at with your requirements.)
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