Server Hardware & Co-location

Joe Karthauser joe at
Fri Mar 24 00:22:28 GMT 2000

On Thu, Mar 23, 2000 at 11:56:09PM -0800, Serge @ Intraforum wrote:
> At 14:01 23/03/00, you wrote:
> >Hi, all.
> >
> >I'm going to be responsible for a Web server co-located in the UK,
> >and naturally I want to run FreeBSD.
> >
> >I'd appreciate any feedback regarding server hardware or hosting
> >companies.
> Check EasyNet - server co-location 1Mbps at cost of 128Kbps (this is
> what EasyNet sales guy told me)

Not that we'd compete with our sister company - but don't go to them without
getting a quote from us first ;)


(drop a line to alex at with your requirements.)

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