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Fri Mar 24 07:56:09 GMT 2000

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>Hi, all.
>I'm going to be responsible for a Web server co-located in the UK,
>and naturally I want to run FreeBSD.
>I'd appreciate any feedback regarding server hardware or hosting

Check EasyNet - server co-location 1Mbps at cost of 128Kbps (this is
what EasyNet sales guy told me)


>I need the hardware to come with an on-site maintenance agreement,
>which restricts me to UK vendors.  At the moment I expect to buy a
>Dell server with multiple hard drives so I can run vinum. I doubt my
>budget will stretch to an idle hot spare machine at this stage, so I
>really need to maximise uptime and be sure I can have the machine
>fixed as soon as possible, if necessary.
>For co-location, I've heard good things about PSI Net lately.  I'll
>also call Pavilion, given their involvement with FreeBSD.  I'd
>prefer to co-locate somewhere in the South-East as I'm in Milton
>Keynes.  Is there anyone else I should be talking to?
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