Recommended 4+ port serial cards

Ian Pallfreeman ip at
Thu Mar 23 10:47:19 GMT 2000

> try in Scunthorpe for cyclades (cy(4)).
> I believe Ian Pallfreeman was looking at these. Don't know
> what he got in the end. Maybe he'll pipe up.


Yeah, I eventually persuaded what must surely be the most tight-fisted bunch
in the country to buy a Cyclades card with 32 ports on it. A little excessive
for most people, I would imagine. It's a PCI card with what looks like a SCSI
2 socket, and two little pizzaboxes each with 16 ports. Cost over a grand, but
it works perfectly as far as I can tell.

If anybody comes up with a decent source of _cheap_ 4-port or 8-port cards,
preferably using only one IRQ, I'd be interested.



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