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Wed Mar 22 10:21:25 GMT 2000


Just to remind people, the LUUG are meeting on Thursday March 30 and 
Richard Stallman is turning up to do a speech.

This'll be a good opportunity to look into the pros & cons of 
becoming a UKUUG SIG as discussed on freebsd-users at not so 
long ago.

Peter Galbavy - perhaps the only other uk OpenBSD committer (if not, 
can the others please stand up!) said he'd come along too.

Have a look at for info about 
the LUUG.  I believe people are meeting at the Rising Sun pub on 
Tottenham Court Road, and then going on for something to eat between 
20:30 & 21:15.  I've cc'd luug-publicity-request at in the 
hope that I'll be corrected if I'm wrong :-)

So now's the time to tell [read: beg] the trousers-wearer in your 
household for permission to go out that evening !

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