Neil Ford neil at
Sun Mar 19 09:54:05 GMT 2000

> On Fri, Mar 17, 2000 at 10:15:42PM -0000, Neil Ford wrote:
> > > The problem is, would our "southerners", like
> > > Paul, Brian, Doug, Nik, Joe, at al. want to travel
> > > away from the safe haven of the South East.
> > >
> > Given cheap airfares, Glasgow would probably be cheaper to
> get to than some
> > places.
> How cheap is cheap?
Well having checked Easyjet, they average about £30 each way but they only
seem to fly from Luton, which for those of us nearer to Gatwick isn't quite
so convenient.

Anyways, as Newcastle now seems to be the location of choice, time to look
at train times, etc.


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