jimsinn007 jimsinn007 at
Sat Mar 18 01:45:33 GMT 2000

By Jove I've been bombed with mail, I would never have
expected so much attention and to find so many people
considering a jaunt up Norrf for this second official
occasion....Even the TV people seem to have heard about it..
Better try and get the numbers right folks, anyone prepared
to buy a raffle ticket for a good cause we have been donated
the first present for the raffle, the first of many I hope,
all those in favour of a meet up north , raise ya hand..!!!
common, next years could be done via satellite links, this
is got the potential to boost bsd along with the local curry
and beer sales not to mention a chance to see a nice beach,
sun, fresh air, all the fun of the fair (G).

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