Sendmail Configuration

Richard Smith rdls at
Fri Mar 17 11:40:21 GMT 2000

Norman Buskell wrote:
> Hi Folks
> I often test CGI mail scripts by sending messages to a local account on my
> FreeBSD web server. This has always worked fine, until I re-configured the
> machine for IP forwarding via a PPP dial-up connection. Now, when the CGI
> script runs sendmail, it appears to be trying to connect to the remote DNS
> server to check the mail account name. Luckily, my IP filters do not allow
> sendmail to initiate a dialup connection. What configuration changes do I
> need to make, so that sendmail understands how to send messages direct to
> local accounts? A few pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Sendmail does a reverse DNS lookup (PTR) on all interfaces that it can
find when it starts up in daemon mode. It may also do the same when
being startedused to send mail. It may be trying to give a name to your
new PPP interface. Try adding some made up name to your /etc/hosts file,
like:	ppp-link.myhost.mydomain

or whatever...


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