IP Aliasing.]

Guy Harper gharper at namco.co.uk
Wed Mar 15 16:29:18 GMT 2000

Ok.!! thanks folks.... please no more replies on this one.... it's getting
Problem solved.



Richard Smith <rsmith at trltech.co.uk> on 15-03-2000 04:20:11 PM

Please respond to rdls at rdls.net

To:   Guy Harper <guy_harper at hotpop.com>
cc:   freebsd-users at uk.freebsd.org (bcc: Guy Harper/Namco_Europe_Ltd)

Subject:  Re: IP Aliasing.]

Guy Harper wrote:
> Ok,, this makes sense, but by trying to name my alias xl0:1, I seem to
> have
> knackered my rc.conf sufficiently to make it fail to boot.....
> So, I use boot -s to get a repair mode, but my primary partition is
> mounted read
> only.... how do I make it writable in order to edit rc.conf?

try: mount -a


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