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Wed Mar 15 12:24:27 GMT 2000

On 14 Mar 00, at 18:34, Tony Finch wrote:

> solitary party groover <dgs at> wrote:
> > 
> > I'm doing a joint hons degree in AI and CS, and although I know 
> > alot of people unix of whatever flavour, I don't know anybody who 
> > doesn't dual boot.
> I don't :-) but I'm not a gamer.
> Tony.
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Me neither, but the temptation of email is that little bit further away 
if it's on the dark (other) side of a reboot.  Besides, although I admit 
I'm only tried Applixware and Wordperfect, (ie not StarOffice) 
windows does have better word processing apps - I understand that 
one of the major reasons that people invest in windows is because 
of Word .

CS + Ai undergraduate, Edinburgh University

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