ispsetup (was: Re: FreeBSD in Dixons)

Paul Richards paul at
Tue Mar 14 17:02:06 GMT 2000

Brian Somers wrote:

lots snipped

> Wouldn't .../isp/COUNTRY/REGION be better, where you'd have something
> like
>   .../isp/demon
>   .../isp/uk/demon
>   .../isp/nl/demon
>   .../isp/uk/london/demon
> The 0845 numbers could then appear in the isp/uk/demon file and the
> 0171 numbers in the london one etc, and things could default as
> appropriate (if .nl have one global number, it can be put at that
> level rather than being repeated for various regions that may have
> other region-specific stuff).

I think it would be better to keep ISP information bundled together so
that third-party contibutors, such as the ISP themselves can easily
submit updated information.



With the changing landscape of the FreeBSD world its possible that ISPs
could be persuaded to provide configuration details for FreeBSD. I'm
sure Pavilion, for example, would be willing to provide a configuration
bundle for FreeBSD to its customers :-)

If we separate ISP information then updating details when an ISP changes
their setup is a lot messier and they won't be able to bundle
configuration files themselves. ISPs change their numbers a lot more
often than countries do, sort of by default since if a country changes
its details then so does the ISP, but ISPs may change their phone
numbers for other reasons as well.

You could add in a 


that did some of the things that Windows locations did, such as hold pbx


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