FreeBSD in schools

Paul Richards paul at
Mon Mar 13 22:31:44 GMT 2000

Fletch wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, solitary party groover wrote:
> > On 11 Mar 00, at 17:58, Paul Richards wrote:
> > >
> > > If we work on the CD image so that it performs a really straightforward
> > > install out of the box we might be able to persuade large numbers of
> > > students to adopt it as their OS since the cost would be absolutely
> > > right for a student.
> good idea but to be honest I dont think most users would be bothered with
> it, most of the (non-computing) students I know only use computers to type
> up essays and send email. They wouldn't be interested in installing
> another OS, and a lot of them definately wouldn't be able to, no matter
> how straightforward it is made.

Ok, I perhaps was a little vague in my original proposal.

I'm not saying hoards of random students will pick up FreeBSD, I was
planning on targeting techie types. I'm sure there are still computer
societies in universities that have stalls at freshers fayres, not all
students stop at them but the techie one's do. I wasn't expecting
anymore than that really. We'd need 10s of thousands of CDs to target
random students, I intended it to be a bit more selective.

The word processing side of it was there more from the perspective of
getting funding from Sun that for any other reason.

> > > While we were doing the rounds of the universities we could possibly
> > > call in and see some lecturers and try to get them to use FreeBSD for
> > > courses and/or get some guest presentations arranged. I remember when I
> > > was at college that every week there'd be a seminar from somebody
> > > external that was just for "fun". We should try and get in to speak
> > > about the benefits of FreeBSD.
> Good idea, I know I'd go to a FreeBSD lecture/presentation etc
> It is definately a good idea to target the computing students, I really
> don't think anyone else would be interested, no harm in trying though. If
> you stuck up posters- "Free CD's!" people would turn up and take the CD's,
> but I think that most of them would end up as
> coasters / frisbies / mirrors / stuck to walls "cos there's a cool 'lil
> "devil" on it"/ etc etc

The net can be thrown a little wider than just computer students,
engineering and physics students are heavy users of computing as well.
I'm sure these days the net could be wider still.

All the students on this list should approach their depts and ask for a
FreeBSD seminar. I'd be happy to do any that weren't too far away from
me and I'm sure there are others willing to do the same. Obviously,
we'll turn up with a stack of CDs :-)

For that matter, why restrict this to education, if anyone thinks they
can get a FreeBSD seminar arranged at their workplace I'd be happy to
come and do a presentation. I know that some places I've worked at
they've had people come in and do sessions, usually because they were
selling things but then when it comes down to it, we are.

(expenses might be nice if it involves a train journey but I'm willing
to stick some of my own resources into this project if need be)


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