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Mon Mar 13 17:00:40 GMT 2000

On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, solitary party groover wrote:

> On 11 Mar 00, at 17:58, Paul Richards wrote:
> > 
> > If we work on the CD image so that it performs a really straightforward
> > install out of the box we might be able to persuade large numbers of
> > students to adopt it as their OS since the cost would be absolutely
> > right for a student.

good idea but to be honest I dont think most users would be bothered with
it, most of the (non-computing) students I know only use computers to type
up essays and send email. They wouldn't be interested in installing
another OS, and a lot of them definately wouldn't be able to, no matter
how straightforward it is made. 

> > A fully featured Office suite and internet connectivity, as well as
> > Quake etc, all for nothing? I'm sure plenty of student would give it a
> > try.

well the "all for nothing" bit is correct :-) if its free, you can give it
to a student thats for sure :-))

> > While we were doing the rounds of the universities we could possibly
> > call in and see some lecturers and try to get them to use FreeBSD for
> > courses and/or get some guest presentations arranged. I remember when I
> > was at college that every week there'd be a seminar from somebody
> > external that was just for "fun". We should try and get in to speak
> > about the benefits of FreeBSD.

Good idea, I know I'd go to a FreeBSD lecture/presentation etc
It is definately a good idea to target the computing students, I really
don't think anyone else would be interested, no harm in trying though. If
you stuck up posters- "Free CD's!" people would turn up and take the CD's,
but I think that most of them would end up as
coasters / frisbies / mirrors / stuck to walls "cos there's a cool 'lil
"devil" on it"/ etc etc


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