FreeBSD in schools

P.A.Osborne P.A.Osborne at
Mon Mar 13 16:55:12 GMT 2000

On Mon, Mar 13, 2000 at 04:20:04PM -0000, solitary party groover wrote:
> With the best will in the world, I could see some problems with this 
> approach.  I agree that approaching universities would be a 
> generally good idea, though it is important to be more specific 
> about the target area.

Here at UKC,  the Operating Systems lecturer burns FreeBSD CD's
for anyone who is interested.  He also uses it as an example
in the OS course itself.

> In my experience, the freshers fayre would be a bad place to have 
> a stall; mostly the freshers are interested in other freshers more 
> than installing a new operating system.

As a sysadmin here at UKC we have the following theory about freshers
and weeks at Uni...  note that this is somewhat tongue in cheek.

wk1.  find bars
wk2.  learn about boys and/or girls  
wk3.  work out how to use email/www
wk4.  get the study bedroom machine connected to ukcnet
wk5.  play games with ,ate next door using ukcnet
wk6.  try to hack the servers

and so on...

> For most students who actually have a computer, Windows 
> realistically does what they want of it - FBSD's strengths do not lie 
> in the area of a general Word/games platform.

Exactly the non spods just are not interested in spending an evening
playing with unix.

> I'm doing a joint hons degree in AI and CS, and although I know 
> alot of people unix of whatever flavour, I don't know anybody who 
> doesn't dual boot.

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