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Mon Mar 13 16:20:04 GMT 2000

On 11 Mar 00, at 17:58, Paul Richards wrote:
> If we work on the CD image so that it performs a really straightforward
> install out of the box we might be able to persuade large numbers of
> students to adopt it as their OS since the cost would be absolutely
> right for a student.
> A fully featured Office suite and internet connectivity, as well as
> Quake etc, all for nothing? I'm sure plenty of student would give it a
> try.
> While we were doing the rounds of the universities we could possibly
> call in and see some lecturers and try to get them to use FreeBSD for
> courses and/or get some guest presentations arranged. I remember when I
> was at college that every week there'd be a seminar from somebody
> external that was just for "fun". We should try and get in to speak
> about the benefits of FreeBSD.
> Any comments?

With the best will in the world, I could see some problems with this 
approach.  I agree that approaching universities would be a 
generally good idea, though it is important to be more specific 
about the target area.

In my experience, the freshers fayre would be a bad place to have 
a stall; mostly the freshers are interested in other freshers more 
than installing a new operating system.

For most students who actually have a computer, Windows 
realistically does what they want of it - FBSD's strengths do not lie 
in the area of a general Word/games platform.

I'm doing a joint hons degree in AI and CS, and although I know 
alot of people unix of whatever flavour, I don't know anybody who 
doesn't dual boot.

The best approach is probably to specifically target the computer 
science and artificial intelligence departments - I don't know how 
effective talking to lecturers/support staff would be, but I know that 
most students will run what their dept. runs (since it'll definitely run 
any course specific software).

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