D-Link ISA Ethernet (BNC/RJ45) DE220P

Kevin O'Connor kevin at rainford.org.uk
Mon Mar 13 07:46:25 GMT 2000

On Sun, 12 Mar 2000, Lee Smallbone wrote:
> Hello everyone!
>  I hope you'll forgive me for the hyperthetical setting to this email, but I, well, worry a lot.
> I have on order from cdrom.com the latest burnt release of FreeBSD. I'm a fairly seasoned
> linux user (2+ years), but this will be my first FreeBSD install. 
> I also have on order from either Jungle.com or Novatech, I can't remember which right now, 
> a D-LINK ISA DE-220P network card. I did a search on the FreeBSD mailing list archive
> and didn't find too much - something which I take to be good if no-one has discussed it.
> My question is, will this card and BSD work together 'out-of-the-box', or close to? Is the card
> supported natively in the generic kernel? In my previous installations of RedHat and SuSE I'm
> used to having a fairly mainstream card (say, an Intel EtherExpress 16) which automagically
> gets configured (given the I/O address and IRQ which I set up before hand) during the install.
> Does FreeBSD do something like this, and, does anyone know if the D-Link card is on that list
> in the latest release?
>  Wow, sorry, I didn't mean to babble, nerves. :-)
>  Thanks in advance,
> Lee.

We have some here and thay work just fine. 
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