FreeBSD in Dixons

Ben Smithurst ben at
Fri Mar 10 16:42:22 GMT 2000

Nik Clayton wrote:

> A message back from Bob Bruce:  They are actively talking to Dixons at 
> the moment, and anything they can show them to indicate a demand for the
> product would be a big help.
> So, everyone who wants to be able to buy FreeBSD at Dixons (which I assume
> would also include Currys and PC World, because they're all part of the
> same chain) say "Aye" now.

Aye, as long as the price isn't a ridiculous amount higher than WC's
price. Do you know anything about what price it will be? Higher/lower
than WC's 30-ish quid, including delivery etc? On one hand, it could be
lower, if Dixons buy in bulk, OTOH, well, this is Dixons...

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