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Lee Johnston lee at
Fri Mar 10 16:44:22 GMT 2000

> A message back from Bob Bruce:  They are actively talking to Dixons at 
> the moment, and anything they can show them to indicate a demand for the
> product would be a big help.
> So, everyone who wants to be able to buy FreeBSD at Dixons (which I assume
> would also include Currys and PC World, because they're all part of the
> same chain) say "Aye" now.


> On a related note, there's no problem with including a FreeBSD UK User 
> Group card in the UK CD sets, with information about us.  So, in the best
> example of design by committee, how does the following sound?
>     Congratulations on your purchase of FreeBSD.
>     There is a thriving community of FreeBSD users in the UK, and a
>     user group (The FreeBSD UK User Group, oddly enough).
>     Membership of the user group is completely free.  We run an e-mail
>     list to assist in problem solving, and for general chat.  We also
>     get together for drinks evenings every now and then, and some members
>     are more than happy to help you install FreeBSD if you happen to
>     live nearby.
>     For more information about the user group, please see our web pages
>     at http://.../

Yep, sounds ok, maybe we could make it a little bit more formal. Maybe
if I make a section on the web-site for the registration cards, which
could include a lot more information about the group, etc, etc.

> I'm almost tempted to include a phone number, but I suspect I'd probably
> get overwhelmed.  Having said that, if someone could arrange for a number
> with an answerphone message that went something like:
>     If you're a home user and are having problems installing FreeBSD, 
>     the following members of the UK User Group have said they are willing
>     to help.  Please keep in mind that they are not being paid for this,
>     and their availability may fluctuate.
>     If you're in West London, you can call Nik Clayton on xxx yyy zzz
> [ append yourself to this list as necessary ]

I think, that if we included phone numbers, we would end up with people
calling asking about anything, at least with emails, you can reply at
leisure, but with a phone call, you are kinda stuck with it!

> that might be OK.  Any of our ISP-running, FreeBSD-using members able to
> sneak a service like that past management?
> Oh, one more thing -- if anyone's got any design skills, a picture of 
> Beastie as "Brittania", sat down, complete with shield and trident, would
> be absolutely *superb*.



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