FreeBSD in Dixons

Roger Hardiman roger at
Thu Mar 9 17:48:01 GMT 2000


> > The package could provide support from the UKUG.
> Are we really in a position to provide support?

I agree that offering "support" could leave us with hundereds
of people asking questions and no one having time to answer

> > would we to get the CD sets being sent to Dixon's and include a
> > registration card, to allow users to join the UKUG??
> Now *that* is an excellent idea.  I'll have a chat with the appropriate
> people, and see what can be worked out.

I agree. Invite them to join the UKUG, get a UKUG email address
and join the mailing list. We will probably end up answering their
questions anyway, but we are not activly offering tech support,
we are offering a friendly user group.


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