Printer Advice

Martin Hopkins martin.hopkins at
Wed Mar 8 17:56:31 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Smithurst <ben at> writes:

    Ben> Barry Freshwater wrote:
    >> Since I started using FreeBSD nearly two years ago, it has inspired me
    >> to start an OU degree in Computing, and I have found myself in the
    >> position of needing to buy a printer (never needed such a beast before)
    >> to use on both FreeBSD and windoze 95. Does anyone know if there is such
    >> a thing as a list of manufacturers / models that would be compatible? I
    >> am currently running 3.4-Stable and will update to 4.0-Stable when my CD
    >> subscription changes.

    Ben> I use an Epson Stylus Color 660, with ghostscript, and it works
    Ben> fine. I've never tried it with Windows though (I imagine it might just
    Ben> work though).  It won't be the best printer ever, but for 100 quid or so
    Ben> it's not bad, and certainly good enough for me.

I'm happy with my Epson Stylus Color 800.  Works fine with 3.4 Stable
and Win95.


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